Gucci Gang (發財發福中國年 Remix)

Young Mai-Gucci Gang (發財發福中國年 Remix)
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Gucci Gang (發財發福中國年 Remix)

作曲 : Lil Pump/中國娃娃/Young Mai
作詞 : Lil Pump/中國娃娃
Gucci gang, Gucci gang, Gucci gang, Gucci gang
Spend ten racks on a new chain
My bitch love do cocaine, ouu
I fuck a bitch, I forgot her name
I can't buy a bitch no wedding ring
Rather go and buy Balmains
Gucci gang, Gucci gang, Gucci gang, Gucci gang
My lean cost more than your rent, ouu
Your momma still live in a tent, yeah
Still slanging dope in the jets, huh
Me and my grandma take meds, ouu
None of this shit be new to me
Fucking my teacher, call it tutory
Bought some red bottoms, cost hella Gs
Fuck your airline, fuck your company
Bitch your breath smell like some cigarettes
I'd rather fuck a bitch from the projects
They kicked me out the plane off a percocet
Now Lil Pump fly a private jet
Everybody screaming "fuck west jet!"
Lil Pump still sell that meth
Hunnid on my wrist sippin on Tech
Fuck a lil bitch, make her pussy wet



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